Past & Future

Just spent the last hour trying to post an entry regarding calorie needs in cold weather and the need to sleep warm; I wanted to share my new sleeping quilt pictures with you! But the html gods could not be appeased and the post will not go up tonight.

Please be so kind as to content yourselves with a few photos:

These are the dried persimmons mentioned in a previous blog. You can see the difference in texture of the dried fruit bits in the lower row & the fruit leather, above, fortified with ground flax seed. I wish you could also see how delicious they taste!

The following photos are of the sleeping quilt project.

In the first photo, you can see the various parts of the project, including instructions,before the cutting, sewing &, yes, swearing began.

The red object under the insulation is our old quilt, which I made back in the previous century. It is rated at about 50 degrees; the new one at 28.

The photo below shows the almost-finished quilt being knotted. Be thankful that you have been spared all the drama between these 2 steps!

I hope to get the aforementioned new post up in a few days. Thank you for your patience!