Yes, We Survived!

Here I am, feeling overwhelmed with prepping food for this year’s 100+ walk through the Sierras, and also wanted to touch base on this long-neglected site. I came back from last year’s backpack full of ideas, but got distracted by work. Boo for me!

Obviously, we did not starve to death on the last hike. I didn’t even get the hungries. I was, however, sluggish & peevish the first week of hiking. Maybe I just didn’t have my groove on yet (or maybe it was hormonal timing), but after our re-supply at Red’s Meadow where I found a foil-pack of PackItGourmet Freeze Dried Roast Beef Dices, my energy levels & my emotional doldrums lifted. Thank you, surplus box!

I ground the dried beef to dust in the foil pack & added a big heaping spoonful to my pease porridge each night. Amazing results.
So this year, of course, I am drying my own ground beef. I’ve discovered that my little quart-size crockpot will quickly & easily cook up 2 lbs of grass-fed ground beef. I drain off the juices for another use, break up the lump o’ meat & spread it thinly on dehydrator trays lined with parchment paper. It dries overnight! Then I pop it into the food processor & grind it to dust. An ounce of this “meat dust” provides just over 15.6g of protein, so I’m planning to add that amount to both the evening and the mid-day hot meal.

Another way I’m planning to add a little extra protein this year is by substituting rice protein powder for the hummus mix in the Ginger Bars when I start whipping them up next week.

This year I am feeling especially rushed because not only have I (as usual) put food prep off until the last moment, but we are going to be out of town for a conference for 11 days in August, returning home just 2 weeks before we head out for Tuolomne Meadows.

I hope to make at least one more post in the meantime, but just in case, remember to carefully calculate your protein needs for your backpack! I am discovering that 1g of protein per each pound of lean body weight is not excessive!

2 thoughts on “Yes, We Survived!

  1. Jo,
    Thank you for the post. Nice tip on the Roast Beef Dices. Like your idea for the ground beef in the crockpot then in the oven. Brilliant.
    I'm off on Aug. 13 for trip 26. Castle Crags to Ashland. 225 miles. Have been upping the protein myself with real pemmican from US Wellness and beef jerky.
    Appreciate you post. Have a good hike and give us a trip report when you get back.
    Dana Law

  2. Thanks for your note, Dana. The real pemmican sounds interesting. Sorry for the year late reply! As you can see, I have been neglecting this blog. The beef worked out very well for us and we had plenty of food and energy. We enjoyed that section of the PCT and are planning to do Section K next week, with perhaps another in the fall if the weather holds. In between, we are taking some out-of-state friends on a modified North Lake South Lake loop. I envy you your Castle Crags to Ashland! Nothing that long for us this yr.

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